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  • Adhere to the combination of industry research and development characteristics of BrandName

    To build the core competitiveness of enterprises, to lead the industry new trend in the development of the whole industry chain, casting. Friends of the food in Zhejiang province and Lishui City Mushroom research and Development Centre combination, relying on the company a solid strength and industry resources, set up R & D center of edible fungi. The edible mushroom species, accessories, new plant technology research and promotion as well as deep processing of agricultural products research, to cultivate the core competitiveness of enterprises.

    With advanced equipment to produce first-class quality

    Into the company's high standards of the entire closed-end production workshop, a nervous and orderly production scene greet: uniformed staff each with respect to its, the fully automated production line before be trained with regularity to carry out their duties, each link is carefully detailed, precise every action standard. The company's most of the production equipment from Japan and other countries import, at present, the company with an annual output of dried mushrooms, mushroom, mushroom, mushroom grain silk piece, mushroom powder 15000 tons and dedicated more than 1 tons of cold storage.

    Standardization of the operation, the refinement of the management, scientific and strict traceability system, cast of" relying on quality to win trust, rely on brand extension market" business reputation, known for demanding quality known American, Japanese customers, the company product quality has received rave reviews. Friends of the products on the market, there has never been any international trade disputes, to achieve the quality problem of zero. In 2011of August, as China's edible fungus industry outstanding representative, successfully passed the United States FDA examination, which not only for friends, is for China's edible fungus industry in the international market and won the best reputation, the most top!

    In 2011 the company achieved sales of edible mushrooms revenue 879250000 yuan, exit is achieved collect 130000000 dollar, the future of the company, will be transformed into a600000000 yuan in fixed assets, the annual export dried mushrooms, black fungus, bean products, dehydrated vegetables, canned food, mushrooms, such as Ginkgo biloba extract deep processing of agricultural products 50000 tons, the annual export achieve collect above of 500000000 dollar, year the duty that achieve profit more than 300000000 Yuan, has the depth of research and development capabilities of the intensive processing of agricultural products of modern enterprises.

    San You (Suizhou) Food Co,.LED
    Business telephone:86-722-3307723  Sale Telephone:86-722-3307607  
    Address:Beijiao Liucaowu Village,Zengdu District,Suizhou City,Hubei Province,P.R.China(441300)